If Stitch can Fix is successful, there will be no women in the dressing room under the glaring lights suffer from embarrassing clothes don’t fit makes it hard to see.
















If Stitch can Fix is successful, there will be no women in the dressing room under the glaring lights suffer from embarrassing clothes don’t fit makes it hard to see.

2011 by Katrina Lake at San Francisco’s electronic retail business websites, needed only take about 10 minutes to fill out regarding style customized information such as height, weight, body type, and customised clothing can be directly delivered to the customer. Also, your personal characteristics and preferences, for example, is a highlight or cover your cleavage, arm, leg or abdomen and other parts, and will also be recorded. You are free to choose how long to receive a package of products.

Top stylists are the core of Stitch Fix highlights. From more than 200 brands (six of which are tailored specifically for your Stitch Fix exclusive) for you to choose products, each Stitch Fix 30% five commodities in the box is one of a kind. If you decide to purchase some items received, you need to order pay 20% service charges, then returned within three days is not needed, if you buy both received the five items, you can also enjoy a 75 percent.

These jeans are to be sent by the uncanny ability to Stitch Fix known causes. “Cowboy’s shopping experience is terrible, we always need to spend a lot of effort to find one of the best brands. “Most of the Lake out of the jeans business voice of customer feedback. “When you get an extremely fit, but you have not seen or expected commodity, it is simply miraculous feeling. ”

Lake has served keershi and Apple bee company consultants and polyvore blog platform managers, at the entrance to Harvard Business School before they established their own business model and find the funds target. Now her two goals have been achieved. By Steve Anderson of Baseline provided a $ 750,000 in seed money in February 2013 and receive and the speed of light by the Baseline company venture capital financing of $ 4.75 million, followed, in October of that year and received venture capital agency Benchmark Capital of 12 million dollars. News, Stitch c round financing the Fix will be in mid-2014 target of us $ 30 million, financing and valuing the company at US $ 300 million. But for news, Lake did not confirm it.

In addition to consulting work experience, Lake also described her high school, working at Banana Republic. “In the dressing room for customer service, more often than not you will feel this is more than just sell clothes. Some customers have decided to purchase are clothing styles and features (for example, pockets can hold small items), but for other customers, it is, ‘ wear this shirt feels great! ‘ “Lake explained,” when I applied to Harvard when, I’m not quite sure, but I have been a business concept is “how to integrate retail, technology and resources, such as data analysis, providing a better shopping experience for customers. ”

Stitch Fix client most of the white-collar workers have an average age of around 30, but Lake also heard there is no energy to go shopping for some customers of cancer patients, and some women need specific clothing in a pinch. “We had just enough time to send a black dress into the hands of a female customer who needs to attend the funeral,” Lake said, “we have heard thousands of this moving story”

Lake said after receiving the first shipment within three months, 70% customers when it began the second order. The average selling price of approximately US $ 65 for every single, after the company released the single product would drop $ 10. When our market expansion and growth, will find that our customer base is really a mass market, so we can drop some prices slightly.

However, the Lake was never intended to make a low-price retailer. “All successful retailers are carried out by race (provide all worse much faster and cheaper goods) is successful, this is a false impression. Although there are about the right value proposition to this class of products, but in terms of clothing, we hope to help people find the right price point and personal style. ”

Lake made no comment while not taxes, but significant growth in personnel expenditure, from 2013 onwards, the company’s full-time and part-time staff has increased from 200 to 1500 people, distribution headquarters office in San Francisco, opened satellite offices in Austin and Pittsburgh, and a distribution center in South San Francisco, and Indianapolis.

Stitch Fix has the retail industry experience, enjoys the highest popularity of coffee, including Wal-Mart’s chief operating officer, Michael Smith, Member of the Board of Directors is composed of Sephora, gap, Banana Republic, composed of heavyweights held key offices. Although Lake hopes to eventually be able to expand, but recently there is no diversification plans, for example, increase classification such as men’s clothing, children’s clothing, plus size clothing products services. Lake said: “due to long-term considerations, we would give the category of service. But in the short term, we are more focused on how to do things better now. ”

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