You want to lose weight, as long as a good grasp of these weight loss methods healthy beautiful thin thin, forever without rebound. Next, start from everyday life, adhere to these weight loss methods, let you do all the skinny.

First, the fatigue of the day on the same day to relieve

Study, work, household chores, child care … … Urban women facing pressures in life, without these substances gradually accumulate stress and fatigue, will not only make you lack strength, low back pain shoulder pain, and legs will become hard due to edema.

Hydrocephalus is a chronic problem, because due to poor circulation in the body, leading to poor lymphatic, body fluid detention, toxins, fats, excess moisture so after continuously extruded into nasty orange peel organization.

Fatigue brought about by the pressure of obesity are quite significant, if ignored will cause a lot of diseases, poor skin and hair.

Home from work every day, it is better to get a half-bath, promote blood circulation, disintegrated in vivo fatigue substances, increase metabolism, have a good effect on swelling to lose weight. If you are too busy, or there is no condition baths, minimum foam foot 10 minutes every night.

Second, Oriental food-centric, eat vegetables

Oriental than Western diets more balanced nutrition and lipid content and relatively low in calories, and lose weight when the best Oriental food-centric, while Western-style fast food is convenient, but it also makes you fatter faster!

Another more important, is the diet order. When dinner started, eat salads, diet with plenty of vegetables and food, such as soup. Eat vegetables before dinner, so the rise in blood sugar level could slow down, avoid body fat a lot of synthetic and vegetable fibers improve your appetite, appetite is naturally reduced.

Third, when diet taboos “cold”

Speaking of natural enemies to lose weight, not “cold” belongs to. The body cold, calorie consumption rate slows, becomes more easy to get fat. In addition, the accumulation of moisture and fat quickly, swelling with fat veins problems become more serious.

Hypothermia often sensitivity to cold, even physical MM of cold, standing baby warmers, hair dryers and ABS, body core warm up with these gadgets, promote blood circulation, even fingers toes, these areas are warmer and basal metabolism is greatly improved, becoming more and more likely to slim down.

Four, 1-2 days a week doing regular exercise

Said weight loss alone is not enough to eat, must pass through the campaign to help strengthen the muscles, muscle mass comes back normal, metabolism increase, fat will naturally decrease both energy intake and consumption can be regulated diet to succeed.

Do weight loss exercises do not need too fierce, is not a strength of bigger is better, do more good, moderate line, trying hard not to when you’re done it’s hard. Especially itself is not too fond of sports, who is not good at sports, at first should choose some relatively easy, simple such as walking, stretching, yoga, and so on. 1-2 days a week to make, keep breathing by doing, this would have been enough.

Five, maintaining adequate sleep, regular

Eating disorders, lack of sleep often stay up late … … These are the modern urban lifestyle of females generally, irregular lifestyle, not only not conducive to weight loss, also cause constipation, obesity.

Combination of diet and exercise, have always been the two major elements of losing weight, but compared to this, go to bed woke up several, several, several meals, and so on, every day life has to do is more important for weight loss based on life, started in life, can’t is out of life!

Irregular lifestyle, is absolutely unable to let you have a long and slim, no bounce no longer fat body, prior to diet and exercise to lose weight, we’ll adjust the daily habit!








Bed fitness beautiful body training
  Heard of sleep can also do slimming? seems hard to believe, right? this thin shenfa theory is that sleep is consuming energy, reducing accumulated calories in the body, but would like to use this method to slim down, first you have to do is make yourself sleep thin physique.
  The younger man, sleeping energy cost of a larger weight loss effect will be more obvious, so if possible, every day before going to bed or bath before and after fixing their activity reaches a certain level, then take a sleep, wake up and will have a slimming effect.
  Methods are as follows:
  Stretch your hands up, forced upward, number 20 down under;
  Then under the Palms hard beat against limb fat 50-100;
  Side-lying, slowly straighten the leg elevation (90 degrees) down side 20 times;
  Keep side-lying, feet flat on the top right chest and head as far as possible to the left to see, (the body like twist towel,) under the number 20;
  In the same action, for the other side;
  PS: action should be as slow, soft. Hear both slim and have quite a waist like that, and just good thin.
  15 minutes before sleeping breast enhancement little tricks
  Spend 15 minutes massage the chest, the chest would be more perfect lines, and the action is simple and convenient, we may as well try.
  1. After the bath, smear proper amount breast care products such as natural breast enhancement cream on the chest, the beast with his hands encircling the Under Bust, pushing from the outside in.
  2. With pulp from sliding up Under Bust, location of the first thoracic, and neck, repeated several times.
  3. Hands alternating between four finger from bottom to top in rhythm to the Under Bust Pat.
  4. Hands the Tiger placed on both sides of the breasts, squeezing and pressing forward.
  5. Use the little finger side of the abdomen, respectively, in the lateral, below, to the inside of the chest repeatedly pressing.

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